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User Journey
Ideal Ordering
User Journey 
New Site Map
Current Site Map

Problem Space + Project Scope 

When the usability of a website isn’t smooth and intuitive, users tend to get frustrated and leave the website. This was the problem with the World Curry website.

They were losing potential site customers and catering requests due to the confusing order flow and lack of information provided. 


Task: Establish stronger World Curry branding, simplify the online ordering experience and create brand awareness for the restaurant and their catering program as a whole.


When undergoing competitive research I found that many restaurant sites simply had one or two buttons and did not meet modern day standards of great UI design.

This is when we knew we wanted something different and decided the site was not only going to be functional but also aesthetically innovative! We had a long journey and needed to do a brand guidebook as well as start from scratch. We needed new and exciting ways to present the menu and the restaurant. 

Final Designs + Takeaways

Reinventing the World Curry Experience

This project was a great learning experience. My main takeaways were that I want to improve on my coding knowledge and Webflow knowledge. I loved working with Webflow as a new medium to implement start up sites. If redoing this assignment I would go back and educate myself further on responsive prototyping.


I found that the ordering user flow needed a major transformation. Many users would experience buttons that were improperly hyperlinked, lack of menu information and users would even end up on a 404 Error page if they were trying to order delivery. 

The site needed to be functional and also needed an aesthetic revamp in order to stay modern and exciting to users.

We altered the site map and user flows so that more company information is available. As well as transformed the catering inquiry process.

Main Goals

Create Brand Awareness


2. We needed to establish brand guidelines since none were originally created or followed throughout marketing material and the website. The new website needed to show more personality and have a stronger voice.

Showcase Catering


3. Create a user friendly space where people can learn more about World Curry Catering and submit their requests via the website.

Improve User Journey + Overall Experience


1. Get customers to the Chow Now page and ordering. Many customers complained that they could not order directly through the World Curry site and were re-directed.


World Curry is a casual dining restaurant in San Diego that focuses on offering a unique selection of curries from around the world. 


My Role

Responsible for in-depth research, and end-to-end design of the World Curry website.


August 2022-November 2022


1 Developer, The client and myself as the designer and project manager.

When it came to generating new branding there was very little marketing materials to go off on, most of the menu pages and promos were made on Microsoft Paint.

No Prior Branding Guidelines‼️

The UI of the website could have benefitted if there were more photography assets to use on each of the pages.

Minimal Photography 📷

When establishing where ordering should be prioritized throughout the site, placement became a main issue. We had to ask if ordering was still the main priority for users on each page.

No Effortless Integration 👁️

Pain Points

Branding - Ideation

With World Curry we had to solidify their brand identity and voice. We knew that they wanted to invoke a fun, uplifting and enticing curry environment! The restaurant needed to stay casual in tone and its' approach to curry dining. So after our research we compiled a color scheme, modern typography, and iconography that would tell World Curry's humble journey and get you hungry for more curry.

Sketches + Wireframes

I started with sketching what each page would potentially look like and what kind of content would be displayed including the layout & orientation to the overall composition of the web pages. This gave us direction on what key highlights we wanted to focus on of each page.


For instance the homepage needed to include:

-Curry Item Photos

-A brief company overview

-Company info

-Most importantly order buttons & a strong order flow.

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